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A guard column shields the HPLC column from impurities, enhancing accuracy and lifespan. It’s crucial for consistent system performance, made of the same material as the analytical column, and periodically renewed.

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First Protection

Guard column in HPLC protects the analytical column, reducing contamination, and improving precision.

Longer Lifespan

Guard columns protect the analytical column, extending its lifespan.

Improved Resolution

Guard columns enhance analyte resolution by purifying the sample matrix, leading to improved peak shapes and chromatography.

* Difference Guard Column & Direct Connect Guard Column

What is the Different of Guard Column and Direct Connect Guard Column

3.0 Direct Connector HPLC Analytical Guard Columns


4.6 Direct Connector HPLC Analytical Guard Columns


4.6 Rotating Head stainless steel HPLC Guard Columns


4.6 Peek HPLC Guard Columns


10.0 HPLC Semi-Preparative Guard Columns

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We can customize the design and specification of guard columns based on the specific requirements of the OEM.

Private labeling

We offer private labeling solutions for OEM guard columns, which includes the OEM's branding, logo, and labeling.

Quality control

We review every aspect of the production process for excellence and consistently deliver exceptional results.

Technical support

We provide technical support for OEM guard columns with expert assistance on troubleshooting, maintenance, and training.

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uHPLCs manufactures high-quality HPLC guard columns designed to protect analytical and semi-preparative columns.

1. Our columns have properties like low dead volume, high peak capacity, and excellent retention stability. With their expertise in analytical chemistry and commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, uHPLCs has become one of the leading HPLC guard column manufacturers.

2. Achieve Better Chromatographic Separation, accuracy, and reproducibility in your analyses with uHPLCs guard columns.


I have been purchasing guard columns from uHPLCs for years and could not be happier with their quality and performance. The guard columns have protected my analytical columns from contamination and increased their lifespan, ultimately saving me time and money in the long run.
HPLC laboratory specialist from USA
Maria Rodriguez
Thanks to uHPLCs' customizable guard column options, we were able to find the perfect fit for our unique HPLC system. Their technical support team was also extremely helpful in guiding us through the process and ensuring we had the best product for our needs.
William Hayes
We recently started using uHPLCs' private labeling service for our guard columns and have been impressed with the resulting brand recognition and customer loyalty. The quality control and assurance measures taken by uHPLCs have also given us peace of mind in knowing that our clients are receiving a reliable and consistent product
Chromatography industry experts in Australia
Samantha Lee


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A guard column is a small column installed between the sample injection port and the analytical column in chromatography. The guard column serves as a sacrificial column, meaning that it is intended to protect the analytical column from contamination and sample matrix effects. 

The guard column is typically filled with the same stationary phase as the analytical column, which will help to retain any unwanted contaminants or matrix components that may interfere with the separation of the target analytes. Guard columns are available in a variety of sizes and materials, and they can be easily replaced or cleaned when they become saturated or fouled.

The use of a guard column is essential for maintaining the performance and longevity of the analytical column in chromatography. Without a guard column, contaminants in the sample matrix can accumulate on the analytical column over time, leading to increased baseline noise, reduced column efficiency, and ultimately, the need for more frequent column replacement. So you can know, By using a guard column, the analytical column is protected from these contaminants, and the cost and time associated with column replacement can be minimized.

After using the hplc guard column, especially when the sample is not very clean and there is a need to reconnect it after disassembly,

please pay attention to the connection direction when it is used. Otherwise, it is easy to cause the contamination of the column head

of the guard column to enter the column with the mobile phase, it will lead to contamination of the column head, and the guard column

will naturally fail to perform its protective function. The same applies to the use of copper HPLC columns.


The connection of the guard column is also very important. The shorter the connection line between the chromatographic column and

the guard column, the better, and the inner diameter of the connection tube should be as small as possible.

The guard columns should be replaced when one of the following conditions is met 

a. The theoretical column number of the chromatographic column has decreased by more than 15%.
b. The pre-column pressure of the chromatographic column increases by more than 15%.
c. The resolution of the most difficult to separate substances decreases by more than 15%.
d. The number of sample injections exceeds 150.
e. The mobile phase passes through 1500 times the volume of the column.


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