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About us

About uHPLCs

We Are A Modern HPLC Consumables Supplier

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uHPLCs Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. is a high-tech manufacturer integrating R&D, production, and sales of high-performance liquid chromatography consumables, biosynthesis equipment components, and life science instrument components, as well as liquid chromatography analysis solutions.

uHPLCs has rich production experience and strong manufacturing technology capabilities in the fields of liquid chromatography columns, liquid chromatography accessories, chromatographic pretreatment products, chromatograph-related standards, bioreactors, medical equipment parts, and so on.

For many years, adhering to the service concept of “Helping Client、Win-Win Cooperation” and holding the core positioning of “Scientific Instrument Consumables Supplier,” uHPLCs has been continuously optimizing its R&D capabilities and management system with strict process control and high-quality products and services, helping customers solve various outstanding problems faced in the process of chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis purification, chromatography consumables supply, scientific equipment development, improving product competitiveness, and helping customers achieve greater success in the market.

uHPLCs’ strategic partners cover pharmaceuticals, biology, laboratory, food, medical, materials, environmental protection, chemical engineering, agriculture, scientific research, and other fields. Products are widely exported to many developed economies of analytical science, such as Europe, the United States, Japan, Russia, Canada, Australia, Southeast Asia, and many other analytical science-developed economies.

uHPLCs Work with 100+ HPLC Brands & University

How We Control
Production & Quality

* Technical Proficiency

As a leading HPLC accessories manufacturer in China, we adeptly meet your project needs using high-quality 316L stainless steel and advanced Japanese CNC machines for top-tier HPLC column production.

* Quality Control

uHPLCs prioritizes quality, ensuring rigorous checks during HPLC column hardware production, resulting in a low failure rate of under 1‰.

* Certification

ISO 9001 certified, ensures top-notch quality, safety, and eco-friendliness, upheld by our CE and ROSH certifications. Our patented designs offer innovative lab solutions, ensuring customer trust.

OEM HPLC Columns

Working Proccess

Clients Projects

General Proposal

Testing Begins

Reports Delivered

We Provide All Aspects Of Science Research

Make the chromatographic operations been more effective.

who is uHPLCs factory

Who is uHPLCs

uHPLCs is a High-tech manufacturer of HPLC consumables and accessories.

Our Mission

Help people filter, perceive and use substances more effectively. Make life healthier.

Our Values

Focus on customer needs and help customers become long-term market leaders.

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