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HPLC Column Products Question

In short, HPLC system can tell you how much of each compound in some speical mix materials, and HPLC technology can main used to separate the constituents of a compound, to found within the mixture and helps to identify what each compound is. So HPLC is the best technique to choice when analysing materials for a wide range of organic compounds.

High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is a special process of separating components in a liquid mixture. A liquid sample is injected into a stream of solvent (mobile phase) flowing through a column packed with a separation medium (stationary phase).

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Sample preparation is a critical step in the analysis of pharmaceutical products. The samples being prepared can come in many forms, as neat chemical compounds such as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) or in complex matrices that support discovery and toxicological studies requiring the isolation of analytes from reaction byproducts, animal feed, biological fluids and tissues, waste streams, or environmental samples. All of these require sample preparation prior to analysis, which is the point in the method where the analyst will manipulate samples and have a direct effect on quantitative analysis. Since modern instrumentation is designed in many ways to self-check to ensure that it is working properly, sample preparation becomes a major source of laboratory deviations. Since sample preparation errors are often subtle and not easily diagnosed the proper application of these techniques is critical.

All sample preparation methods have their theoretical basis in chemical equilibrium, so an understanding of the fundamentals of chemical equilibrium is critical for developing, troubleshooting and investigating pharmaceutical methods is essential for the analyst. This chapter provides an overview of the fundamentals of extraction and chemical equilibrium, the traditional sample preparation techniques commonly employed in the pharmaceutical laboratory such as, direct injection, liquid liquid extraction and solid phase extraction along with some of the additional sample preparation methods that are establishing their place in lab, including solid phase microextraction, accelerated solvent extraction and microwave extraction, or are used to solve unique sample preparation challenges as in derivatization.

clients questions

Order Question

uHPLCs is direct manufacturer specializing in variety of Metal HPLC Column Hardware Consumables for HPLC system, We supply OEM service for HPLC Column, HPLC Empty Column, Inline Filter for HPLC, HPLC Filter Frit etc

Our usual minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 100PCS. However, rest assured that we acknowledge our customers’ unique needs and preferences, so we can work with you even if you only require a smaller quantity. Together with our other ongoing orders, we can still fulfill your request with great attention and efficiency.

Our team is always ready and willing to provide flexible solutions to help meet your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any further assistance!

Normal model 1-4 Weeks based on what products do you interested in and because we have ability to do the stock. For big order, it takes about 25-30 work days.

Western Union, Paypal , T/T , Credit Card , online bank transfer, RMB , etc.

Sure, usually we have certain QTY of free samples, if not, we’ll charge accordingly.

Yes, you are welcome to contact us by email sales@uhplcs.com to share your new design ,we will give reasonable quotation and fast sample making.

We already ship to Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America , Afria, North America etc.

We Provide Best HPLC Consumables for Your Research

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l am a pharmaceutical industry researcher and have used uHPLCs's empty HPLC columns for several years. The columns are of excellent quality and produce highly accurate results. l highly recommend uHPLCs' empty HPLC columns to anyone needing high-quality chromatography equipment.
l recently switched to the custom HPLC guard columns from this factory and the difference in myresults has been astounding. The team was extremely helpful in finding the perfect solution for my specific needs.


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