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20# Preparative HPLC Inline Filter Holder with Peek Frit for Chromatography

The inline filter is a device placed before the column in a chromatography system. Its primary function is to remove microparticles from the mobile phase, thus preventing clogging of the analytical column. The filter is also designed to minimize band spreading caused by off-column effects caused by sieves and tapered inserts of different diameters.

Here are some key features of the Pre HPLC inline filter:

– Compatible with any semi-preparative column
– Inlet/Outlet: female/male 10-32
– Frit: available in 0.5 and 2 micron porosity
– Pressure rating: 15,000 PSI

The use of the inline filter can improve the quality of analytical results and reduce maintenance costs associated with clogged columns. Its versatile design makes it a valuable addition to any chromatography system.

Features and Applications:

The Preparative inline filter is an essential component of an Preparative or Manufacture HPLC system that protects the valve seal and column from particles released due to normal piston seal wear. Here are some key features of the inline filter:

– It is placed between the pump and sample injection valve.

– It filters impurities and solid particles from the mobile phase.

– It is installed at the back end of the pump, in front of the autosampler.

– It is a ferrule type and has an HPLC frit.

– It can only filter impurities from the mobile phase due to its installation position and cartridge design.

– There are versions available for Micro, Standard, and Semi-Preparative applications.

– There are bio-inert and stainless steel options offered.

– There are a variety of porosities available to suit different applications.

Working Principle

– In-line filters are used to remove particles from flowing liquids

– The filter captures particles that exceed the aperture dimensions of the sieve plate

– This prevents particles from infiltrating the column and detector

– Prevents the risk of clogging within the preparation column

– Elongates the operational lifespan of the preparation column

– Contributes to the reduction of wear and tear inflicted on seals

– Halts ingress of sizable particles that could lead to obstructions or other forms of damage

– Acts as a reliable guardian to preserve the efficiency and longevity of the entire system.

The operational principle of the in-line filter is effective particle screening from flowing liquids. This ensures that any particles exceeding the aperture dimensions of the sieve plate are captured and held back by the frit element. By doing so, this preventive action ensures that the liquid emerging from the filter is free from substantial particles, which could potentially clog the preparation column and damage the detector. Using an in-line filter contributes to the reduction of wear and tear on seals and elongates the operational lifespan of the preparation column. Ultimately, the in-line filter acts as a reliable guardian to preserve the entire system’s efficiency and longevity.

Catalog number

Unit Size


Pore Size Option


* HPLC Inline Filter x1
*  Peek Frit x 1              *  nut x1

20 # HPLC Inline Filter Column

0.5μ, 2μ, 5μ, 10μ, 20μ, …

20mm best pre hplc inline filter
HPLC Inline Column Size Option

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