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High Pressure 3.0 In Line Filter with Peek Frit for HPLC System

Main Function 

  • 3.0mm High Pressure Inline Filter 
  • Lower Dead-Volume
  • Easy to Install
  • 316L Stainless Steel
  • Peek HPLC Frit
  • 0.2μ,0.5μ,, 2μ Super High Pressure Stainless Steel Frit
  • HPLC Frit accept pore size OEM Service

Features and Applications:

The HPLC inline filter has an important job in keeping chromatographic columns working well for a long time. It stops bad particles from reaching the column and causing damage, so the results stay good.

1. Protection:

The HPLC inline filter acts like a shield for the column. It catches particles before they touch the column. Why it matters: When we use liquid chromatography and pack the column, really tiny particles are involved. Even really small solid particles can block them.

2.Very clean requirement: 

The liquid we use needs to be very clean. If it’s not, it could clog up the instruments and harm them. This is why we need super pure substances for this process.

3. Extra filtering:

Sometimes, we need to be extra careful with our experiments. We use an inline filter to add one more layer of protection. It catches particles in the liquid.

4. Works well:

The New design direct connect in-line filter is really good at cleaning the liquid. If needed, we can change a part of it without causing any big problems. Really You Can try and test for your HPLC project.  d 

The direct connection guard column: Direct connection design, without any additional connection cable

– Quick and easy hand-tight installation
– Easy replacement of the guard column cartridge

Catalog number

Unit Size


Pore Size Option


* HPLC Inline Filter x1
*  Peek Frit x 1              *  nut x2
*  Peek Screw x 2

2.1 # uhplcs HPLC Guard Column

0.2μ, 0.5μ, 2μ, …

HPLC Inline Column Size Option

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