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Liquid Chromatography C18-G ODS Columns, 5 Μm, 250 X 4.6 Mm (Analytical)

Short Description:

ODS column that combines durability, good peak display and reproducibility, and low pressure.

C18-G ODS Columns are general purpose, reversed-phase C18 columns available in 5 μm and 10 μm particle sizes.

Features and Applications:

A new generation ODS column with organic silica blend matrix.


Excellent separation selectivity with C18 silica gel;

Excellent resistance to acids and bases, effective against all types of compounds;

It is an ODS liquid chromatography column that combines durability, good peak display and reproducibility, and low pressure;

It is an hplc column with a wide range of applications.

Particle Size

5um, 10um

Pore Size

100 Å

Carbon Content



One time closing




PH 1~7:70℃

PH 7~12:50℃

Liquid Chromatography C18-G ODS Columns

● For use at lower pressures in a wide range of new and old equipment models;

● It is also convenient to use a high viscosity solvent such as methanol as a drenching solution;

● When dissolving samples in a solvent with high solvency power such as acetonitrile, the injection volume can be more than two times that of conventional products.

For chloromastine or other basic compounds that tend to drag and are more difficult to analyze, the USHA C18-G column is easy to use to obtain good peak shapes without trailing. It can be used in a wide pH range (1~12), especially under strong alkaline or high-temperature conditions, and has a lifetime several times longer than the average alkaline-resistant (mixed) C18 column on the market; it also has good acid resistance, which is even better when used in conjunction with a uHPLCs guard column. It is the first choice for each insulin-like substance and is widely used for the analysis of polar and hydrophobic substances.

Liquid Chromatographic Column Specifications(mm)

2.1*30, 2.1*50, 2.1*75, 2.1*100, 2.1*150

3.0*30, 3.0*50, 3.0*100, 3.0*150

4.6*30, 4.6*50, 4.6*100, 4.6*150, 4.60*250

10*50, 10*100, 10*150, 10*250

20*50, 20*150, 20*200, 20*250, 20*300

21.2*150, 21.2*250

30*150, 30*250

50*150, 50*250


1. How to make the HPLC columns more durable?

– In order to maintain the initial performance of the chromatographic column stably for as long as possible, during use, it should be used according to the precautions recorded in the instruction manual of each chromatographic column, but it is also necessary to perform daily maintenance on the column. Such as optimizing the analysis conditions (eluent, feed flow rate, injected sample, etc.), cleaning the chromatographic column regularly, etc.


2. How to avoid damage to the aneroid chromatographic column and prolong its service life?

– In order to reduce the damage of liquid chromatographic columns, uHPLCs recommends that you take some precautions when using chromatographic columns. For example:

(1). Add an in-line filter to the liquid phase system;
(2). Use a guard column at the front of the column;
(3). Purify the sample.


3. How to better store liquid chromatography columns?

– In actual work, the storage of the liquid chromatography column will also affect the service life of the column. Then for the storage of chromatographic columns, there are also the following suggestions:

(1). For short-term storage
It should be stored under conditions close to those of the commonly used mobile phase. Also, be sure to remove buffer salts, acids, etc. from the system.

(2). For long-term storage
Store the chromatographic column in the corresponding solvent according to the instructions, remove the chromatographic column from the system, and block both ends with plugs.

uHPLCs special services:
1. All columns will be tested before delivery and a column efficiency report will be provided.
2. Column loading service is available.

Column HPLC Columns Service

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