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4.6mm Peek HPLC Guard Column Biocompatible

Suitable for use in ion chromatography, hba1c analysis, protect your LC column with minimal retention, peak shape, or efficiency effects.

* Biocompatible;
* Easy to Install;
* Ideal for use with proteins or other biopolymers that may be contaminated or absorbed by steel surfaces;
Without the use of tools – all connections may be made by hand.

Features and Applications:


Guard Column Housing Material: polyetheretherketone (PEEK)

Pressure Rating: 0-5,000 psi

Chemical Compatibility: Not recommended for use with concentrated nitric or sulfuric acids, THF or DMSO

HPLC Guard Cartridge Barrel Material: PEEK


Guard Column System extends the life of valuable analytical columns by trapping contaminants from the sample and mobile phase, thereby preventing loss of retention. This system is ideal for use with proteins or other biopolymers that may be contaminated or absorbed by steel surfaces.

Selection of Guard Column

Use a guard column with identical packing materials to the analytical or preparative column. Regarding size, use the same or smaller inner diameter and short column length (10-50 mm). When the sample is sensitive to metal ions, it is more appropriate to choose PEEK material. For example, some protein analyses will use the PEEK guard column (analysis).

4.6mm PEEK ANALYTIC HPLC Guard Column

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