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Biocompatible 4.6mm Peek Inline Filter with Peek Frit for HPLC System

The Precolumn Micro Filter with PEEK frit is an efficient way to connect microbore or analytical columns. Here are some key features:

– Reduces sample mixing within mobile phase
– Preserves sample purity
– Acts as a barrier to trap fines and particles
– Protects instruments and columns
– Increases reliability and consistency
– Essential for analytical chemistry

Overall, Our Precolumn Micro Filter with PEEK frit ensures reliable and consistent performance in analytical chemistry by eliminating unwanted contaminants and protecting valuable instruments and column materials. Its design guarantees pristine samples free from contaminants, making it an indispensable instrument in any analytical chemistry laboratory.

Features and Applications:

The UHPLCS PEEK in-line Precolumn filter serves as a protective shield for analytical columns that captures fine particles from samples and mobile phases, thereby shielding valuable instruments and columns. Its design minimizes hold-up volume, ensuring no loss of efficiency or band broadening in analytical applications.

Compact and cost-effective, the filter protects columns by filtering out particulate matter from rotor seal wear or the sample. It corresponds to a traditional version of standard HPLC applications, offering different porosities and biocompatible options for column protection.

Furthermore, the replacement of metal-free polyethylene frits and biocompatible titanium frits ensure maximal biocompatibility with minimal hold-up volume, providing economical protection for larger columns and injections.


 MaterialPore Size(um)Catalog numberBore size
Analytical HPLCStainless steel0.5、2、5、10、20HPINK-H00460-11


HPLC Inline Column Size Option

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