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UHPLCS High Performance Liquid Chromatography Preparative HPLC Column 20*200mm, 10μ, Semi-Prep

New generation technology for high speed liquid chromatography—Buy from our online shop. UHPLCS® columns use innovative particle technology for faster, efficient HPLC separations.

The C18 preparative column for liquid chromatography has the advantage of a wide pH range of 2-8, which enhances the separation range for customers. The particle size distribution of the silica gel used in uHPLCs is extremely narrow, which can reduce the factor of lower column efficiency due to particle size difference to Z. Uniform particle size can obtain higher column efficiency and lower column pressure, and all silica gel used in uHPLCs are controlled by the same process conditions, so it has excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility and is easy to scale up chromatographic conditions, bringing higher efficiency to customers’ separations.

Features and Applications:

UHPLCS® C18 prep hplc columns, 100 Å, 10 microns.
Specifically designed for high performance preparative liquid chromatography (Prep HPLC).
Particle Size:  10 µm
Pore Size:  100 Å
Length:  200 mm
Inside Diameter:  20 mm

uHPLCs high performance liquid chromatography HPLC column Lab 20*200mm, 10μ, Semi-Prep

How to ensure good HPLC column performance and column life
◆ Certifying the reading of the column operating instructions.
◆ Use well-filled columns.
◆ Minimize pressure fluctuations and avoid mechanical and thermal shocks.
◆ Use guard columns and inline filters.
◆ Flush the lc column frequently with a strong solvent.
◆ Filter the sample and mobile phase adequately to avoid impurities and strong retention components. Use a stable stationary phase (C18 is the most stable).
◆ Operate at medium pH (6~8) and use an organic buffer solution.
◆ The column temperature should be less than 40℃.
◆ For columns with a silica gel matrix, the mobile phase’s pH value should be maintained in the range of 3.0~8.0.
◆ Add 200ppm of sodium azide to the aqueous mobile phase and buffer solution.
◆ If the mobile phase contains buffer solution, it should be noted that the transition between water and organic solvent should be 95:5, and the organic solvent should not be less than 5%.
◆ When overnight or in storage, rinse off the salt and buffer solution and store the mobile phase with pure organic solvent (ethylene clear is best).

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