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50mm Empty HPLC Columns Wholesale and OEM Manufacturer

Short Description:

UHPLC Empty Column Hardware (Each column blank kit) includes a precision-bore polished 316 stainless steel column blank, two column heads and ferrules for OD1/16” column end plugs, and two 2µm frit caps.

50mm Empty HPLC Hardware

Stainless Steel Analytical Column Hardware

• Threaded tube for easy assembly

• Type 316 stainless steel construction

• Column ID of 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, 4.6mm and 7.8mm,10mm,20mm,30,50mm Option

Features and Applications:

The 50mm High Quality Empty HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) Column represents a critical component in modern chromatographic techniques. These columns are crafted for optimal separation efficiency, ensuring reliable results in the analysis of diverse samples.

Main Features:

  • Optimal Diameter: The 20mm diameter facilitates a balance between flow rate and resolution, ideal for various applications.

  • High-Quality Build: Made from premium materials that promise consistency and durability over extended periods.

  • Flexible Applications: Suited for a wide array of chromatographic separations, from routine analysis to intricate research experiments.

  • Efficient Separations: Engineered for high-resolution separation of compounds, guaranteeing accurate and reliable results.

  • Reduced Backpressure: Allows for smoother flow rates, ensuring the column remains effective even with denser mobile phases.

  • Compatibility: Compatible with a diverse range of detectors and mobile phases, providing researchers with enhanced experimental versatility.

Stainless Steel Preparative HPLC Empty Column For Chemistry Lab Equipment

Column body

This is a measure of the distribution of particles packed in a column. In HPLC, it is preferable to have narrow particle size distribution as a narrow particle size distribution can lead to better HPLC column efficiency.


In LC chromatography the reaction of a silylating agent with unreacted accessible silanols remaining on the silica gel surface after the initial bonding reaction of the HPLC column stationary phase. HPLC column endcapping eliminates unwanted secondary silanol interactions between compounds and the stationary phase.

PEEK frit

Longer filtration life
Consistent frit-to-frit swept volumes
Biocompatible and inert to most solvents
Suitable for low and high pressure applications.
Enhanced sealing and excellent chemical resistance.
PEEK frits can be used up to 80 ºC.

Specification( Customizable)/ Size



2.1mm ×30mm ;  2.1×50mm ;  2.1×75mm  ; 2.1×100mm  ; 2.1×125mm  ; 2.1×150mm;  2.1×200mm 2.1×250mm 2.1×300mm

316L Stainless SteelAnalytical

3.0 ×30mm ; 3.0×50mm ;  3.0×75mm ; 3.0×100mm ; 3.0×125mm ; 3.0×150mm ; 3.0×200mm ;  3.0×250mm ;  3.0×300mm ;

316L Stainless SteelAnalytical

4.0×20mm ; 4.0×30mm ; 4.0×50mm ; 4.0×100mm

4.0×150mm ;   ;  4.0×200mm; 4.0×250mm ;  4.0×300mm

316L Stainless SteelAnalytical

4.6×20mm ; 4.6×30mm  ; 4.6×50mm ; 4.6×100mm

4.6×150mm   ; 4.6×200mm ; 4.6×250mm ; 4.6×300mm 

316L Stainless SteelAnalytical

7.8×150mm ; 7.8×250mm ;  7.8×300mm

316L Stainless SteelSemi-prep

10×50mm ; 10×100mm ;  10×150mm

10×200mm ; 10×250mm ; 10×300mm

316L Stainless SteelSemi-prep

20×50mm  ; 20×100mm ; 20×150mm  ;  20×200mm

20×250mm  ; 20×300mm

316L Stainless SteelSemi-prep

21.2×150mm ;  21.2× 250mm

316L Stainless SteelSemi-prep


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