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Conventional Prep Empty HPLC Column, ID20*1100mm for Clinical Chromatography

– Get the best quality Conventional Prep Empty HPLC Column for your lab needs. 

Our column offers great performance and helps achieve accurate results. Find out more!

Features and Applications:

Size : 20*1100mm

The uHPLCs columns are made of high quality stainless steel tubes selected from more than 100 stainless steel tubes to ensure the high quality of the columns.
  The polishing process of the integrated inner surface
  LC grade 316 stainless steel tube by precision machining
  Simple and efficient shape
  Full range of specifications, from analytical to preparative

1 – HPLC Column Tubes
Mirror finish to ensure outstanding inner wall smoothness
  High consistency and reproducibility; guarantees high reproducibility at loading

2 – HPLC Column Head
Unique design minimizes dead volume outside the column, ensuring high performance of the finished hplc column.

3 – HPLC frit and frit caps
       Based on years of experience in the production and development of stainless steel hplc frit, we provide 0.5 or 2um stainless steel hplc frits
  High purity PEEK caps are used
  Optimal diffusion of sample through the column head
  Minimal extra-column volume available

Conventional Prep Empty HPLC Column, ID20*1100mm for Clinical Chromatography

Please consult customer service for more specifications

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