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PTCFE Head HPLC Suction Filter For HPLC or UHPLC System

All solvent filters and frit adapters are manufactured to UHPLCS high levels of quality and have been tested on Agilent or on the market are common HPLC instruments to ensure performance that will significantly increase your analytical, instrument, and laboratory efficiency.

HPLC Inlet Suction Filter

Solvent Inlet filters are economical and provide 1 to 12 months of protection (depending on usage and Type of mobile phase). Filters are 10-µm and are easy to replace; tighten by hand. Filters withstand flow rates up to 15 ml/minute. Wetted parts are 316 SS.

  • Material:  PCTFE Head , 316 SS Porous Metal Filters
  • Fits HPLC Tubing: 1/16” OD
  • Unit: ea.

Features and Applications:


– Protect HPLC system from contamination with UHPLCS Bottom of the Bottle Solvent Filters
– Flat design ensures efficient draw for maximum performance
– Made from high-quality 100% PEEK / PCTFE polymer and stainless steel 
– Built-in helium sparge port and frit for optional use
– Includes 2µm filter for efficient filtration / OEM Special Pore Size as your lab requirements
– Stainless steel 10µm inlet filters increase the lifetime of the filter 
– Protect your investment in HPLC equipment with UHPLCS Bottom of the Bottle Solvent Filters.

OD Series Inlet Solvent Filter Kit 

Products Specification

Catalog number

Unit Size

For Tubing


Pore Size





2μ, 5μ, 10μ, 20μ

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