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20*250mm Stainless Steel Preparative HPLC Empty Column For Chemistry Lab Equipment, 0.1um

Short Description:

Empty HPLC Column (Each column blank kit) includes a precision-bore polished 316 stainless steel column blank, two column heads and ferrules for OD1/16” column end plugs, and two 2µm frit caps.

Empty HPLC Hardware

Stainless Steel Analytical Column Hardware

• Threaded tube for easy assembly

• Type 316 stainless steel construction

• Column i.d. of 2.1, 3.0, 4.0, and 4.6mm

Features and Applications:

Empty chromatography columns (analytical, semi-preparative, and preparative)

1. Precision machined chromatography column tubes made of high-purity 316L type stainless steel tubing.

2. Available in a wide range of sizes from analytical to preparative.

3. Very small dead volume, smooth inner tube walls, and uniformly rounded cross-section; ensures high performance of the finished column; high consistency and reproducibility and reproducibility.

4. To ensure high reproducibility during loading, the column head plays a critical role in the HPLC column. The chromatographic column head sieve plate connects the column to the chromatographic system and provides a leak-free connection. The column head must be designed and machined to eliminate dead space, dead volume, and unnecessary off-column volume. Failure to do so will result in broad peaks and low column efficiency.

5. The column tip must be designed and machined to provide a leak-free seal with dead and off-column volumes.

UHPLCS high finish and high performance liquid chromatography column can be analyzed quickly while maintaining high column efficiency, has excellent selectivity and longer column life. Reduce the times of replace HPLC column  and  the cost, is an ideal liquid chromatography chemistry lab equipment. We offer an extensive line of HPLC and UHPLC Column Hardware that has been optimized to enable selectivity, efficiency, and high-quality separation performance in your flow paths.

High PH stability and chemical resistance for reliability and longevity
Maximum method development flexibility
Seamless method transfer of analytical to preparative LC

UHPLCS 20*250mm Stainless Steel HPLC Empty Chromatography Column for chemistry lab equipment, 0.1um

Stainless Steel Preparative HPLC Empty Column For Chemistry Lab Equipment

Column body

This is a measure of the distribution of particles packed in a column. In HPLC, it is preferable to have narrow particle size distribution as a narrow particle size distribution can lead to better HPLC column efficiency.


In LC chromatography the reaction of a silylating agent with unreacted accessible silanols remaining on the silica gel surface after the initial bonding reaction of the HPLC column stationary phase. HPLC column endcapping eliminates unwanted secondary silanol interactions between compounds and the stationary phase.

PEEK frit

Longer filtration life
Consistent frit-to-frit swept volumes
Biocompatible and inert to most solvents
Suitable for low and high pressure applications.
Enhanced sealing and excellent chemical resistance.
PEEK frits can be used up to 80 ºC.


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