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USHA SiL HPLC Columns 3 Micron

USHA SIL columns are high-purity spherical silica gel (metal impurities <10ppm) with high column efficiency and good peak shape for the separation of polar and basic organic compounds such as vitamins, steroids, and many other pharmaceutical molecules.

Features and Applications

Catalog numberUnit SizeParticle SizeParticle SizeDiameter (Metric)Price (CNY) 
  Each3um4.6mm150mmRequest A Quote
  Each3um3.0mm150mmRequest A Quote


UHPLCS – HPLC Column, USHA SiL ,3u, 100 x 4.60 mm 3 micron

Features and Applications:

* <10ppm high purity spherical silica gel, very low metal impurities

* Can be used to separate polar and basic organic compounds, such as vitamins, steroids, and many other drug molecules.

* Suitable for the separation of polar and hydrophobic substances in C18 and C8 separation for too long.

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Column Type




Column Format

Diameter (Metric)

For Use With

Length (Metric)

Max. Pressure

Particle Size


Pore Size

Stationary Phase

Unit Size

Normal Phase Hilic


Normal Phase

Analytical Column

Analytical Column



30mm, 50mm, 100mm, 150mm, 250mm

6000 psi (413.685 bar)

1.8, 2, 3, 5, 10um or even bigger particles

1 to 7

70Å,100Å, 150Å, 200Å, 300Å, …



UHPLC Service

uHPLCs special services:
1. All columns will be tested before delivery and a column efficiency report will be provided.
2. Column loading service is available.

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