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#4.6mm Analytical Stand Alone Guard Column Holder

  • Purpose in HPLC System: Designed to address the challenge in the HPLC system where injected samples, especially those of Chinese medicine and blood, may not be completely eluted.
  • Problem Solved: Helps overcome the issue of small injection volumes leading to sample residue in the column head, which can cause the column head to fail over time.
  • Guard Column Placement: Incorporates the same guard column as the column packing and positions it between the inlet valve and the column.
  • Benefits:
    • Extends Column Life: By preventing residual sample accumulation, it extends the service life of the column.
    • Ensures Consistency: Facilitates consistent analysis results by mitigating the potential for sample contamination or carry-over.

This standalone guard column holder serves as an essential solution to maintaining column integrity and consistency in results within the HPLC system, particularly for challenging samples.

Features and Applications:

The 4.6mm Analytical Stand Alone Guard Column Holder is designed with the precision and efficiency needed in high-volume production environments. Its key features include:

  • Extended Column Life: By intercepting strongly retained acidic and alkaline substances, the guard column holder extends the life of analytical columns, offering best-in-class protection.
  • Cost Efficiency: Through this extension of the column life, it helps save on frequent column replacement costs.
  • Ease of Connection: With 10-32 coned threads included, connections are made easy and secure.
  • Simplicity in Assembly: This holder is easy to assemble and pack, ensuring smooth operations.
  • High-Volume Production Compatibility: Ideal for use in high-volume production scenarios, meeting rigorous demands without compromise.
  • Comprehensive Protection: The ferrule of the guard column holds the protective column core, containing the packing that prevents contamination and damage to the packing in the column. However, it’s essential to note that while effective against small amounts of contaminants, it does not guard against pH overruns in the mobile phase, where the amount exceeds its protection limit.

By integrating these valuable features, the 4.6mm Analytical Stand Alone Guard Column Holder serves as a robust tool that protects your valuable columns, increases retention time, and promotes outstanding performance. It’s a crucial component for anyone looking to maintain the integrity of their HPLC system, especially in high-throughput settings.

4.6mm Analytical Stand Guard Column Holder

Analytical Stand Alone Guard Cartridges Holders

Model NumberSpecifications
HPAGK-046100-0000-0-000#4.6,  Guard Colum Holder
HPAGK-046100-A180-018-N-1#4.6, USHA C18, 1.8um, 100Å 
HPAGK-046100-A180-020-N-1#4.6, USHA C18, 2.0um, 100Å 
HPAGK-046100-A180-030-N-1#4.6, USHA C18, 3.0um, 100Å 

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