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Preparative HPLC Columns 20 X 50 mm LC Column

Short Description:
uHPLs preparative hplc column to protect hplc column without affecting the effect of separating media and purification.
The characteristics of the preparative hplc columns are

1.The column length is short, and the inner diameter is large

In order to speed up the separation time and improve the separation efficiency, the incoming sample volume of preparative chromatography will be large, and the general preparative chromatography columns length is 50 mm-250 mm, while the inner diameter is 10 mm-50 mm.

2、High flow rate

The flow rate of the mobile phase is generally 10-20ml/min, which can improve the yield and reduce the production cost.

Features and Applications

HPLC Columns
Columns designed to produce reliable, reproducible results for HPLC and UHPLC applications. Products operate in a variety of phases and are available with a range of stationary phases and column dimensions.
Preparative HPLC columns for maximum flexibility and options to scale up analytical methods with chemistry continuity for easy method transfer. Excellent choices for routine applications which require development from analytical to preparative LC scale.

HPLC Preparative Columns L column 20 x 50 mm preparative

Product NumberProduct Description
HPCLL-200050-A180-010-M-3-2C18, 10 μm particle size, L × I.D. 50 cm × 20 mm
HPCLL-200050-A080-010-M-3-2C8, 10 μm particle size, L × I.D. 50 cm × 20 mm
HPCLL-200050-A040-010-M-3-2C4, 10 μm particle size, L × I.D. 50 cm × 20 mm


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Note: Before using the hplc column, it is advisable to perform a column performance test and keep the results as a reference for future evaluation of column performance changes. The results should be saved and used as a reference for future evaluation of column performance changes. The column should perform the column performance test.
The hplc column performance test should be performed by the conditions in the factory report (the conditions used in the factory test are the best conditions), and the measured results will be comparable. The factory report should perform the column performance test (the conditions used in the factory test are optimal). However, column performance may vary depending on the sample used, mobile phase, column temperature, etc.


uHPLCs special services:
1. All columns will be tested before delivery and a column efficiency report will be provided.
2. Column loading service is available.

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